7.0RC1 i386 and 7.0RC2 AMD64 major issues with mount_msdosfs

Steve Franks stevefranks at ieee.org
Mon Mar 3 21:55:13 UTC 2008

I'm prepared to workaround, and I suspect this has already been
brought up if it's a 'real' issue, but I thought I'd better speak up.

I have two systems:

1) 2005 HP ZE4650 laptop running 7.0RC1 i386

2) Brand-new FOXCONN 775? motherboard system running 7.0RC2 Amd64

They are both vanilla installs off of the ftp.freebsd.org ISO images,
and they both behave similarly, so I know it's not the hardware.

I also have two FAT devices:

1) 60GB laptop drive in USB 2.0 carrier

2) 1GB Lexar SD card in iRock cardreader

In both systems,

1) The 60GB drives takes 10 seconds to mount (as opposed to 1/10 sec
on my 6.3amd64 system at home).  When I start rsyncing part of the
60GB to one of the 7.0 systems, it craps out after 5 minutes.  If you
umount, it says something to the effect that the drive is gone, and if
you physically pull the USB cable, the system usually freezes up
solid, until a powercycle.  Once, most of the files rsync'd
sucessfully, but the data was all corrupted.  Age of the disk is
several months, so I'd be suspicious that bad sectors are at fault.

2) The SD card appears to mount just fine, but when you cd to the
mountpoint, ls -la & df shows that it's empty.  Putting it into my 6.3
system or a win32 box shows approx 1GB of photos, of course.

Thought someone should know.  Since I've been having issues with it
locking up, dmesg info is hard to come by, but I'm happy to work with
someone smarter than me if it results in a more stable 7.0.

I finished a large copy several hours ago, and I see several of the
following in dmesg: "umass0: Invalid CSW: tag 242579 should be
242656".  Several files are corrupted.  No errors or issue when the
data was placed on the drive by my 6.3amd64 system 24 hours ago.


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