So How Hard Is Moving From 6.3 To 7.0?

Mark Ovens parish at
Mon Mar 3 19:01:59 UTC 2008

This post hasn't appeared on the list after almost 24 hours so I'm 
re-posting. Apologies if it appears twice.

It seems that about 50% of the posts I make to the lists (-questions and 
-ports) never show up.

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> I've been doing a bunch of 6.x -> 7.0 upgrades recently.  Here's a
> few hints I've picked up along the way:

[snip the gory details]

Thanks for that Matthew, it confirms that I've made the right decision
to do a completely clean install :-)

Which leads me to ask if there are likely to be any issues with
dual-booting 6.3-STABLE (as of ~1 month ago) and 7.0-RELEASE? I vaguely
recall from way back there being issues with dual-booting multiple
versions of FreeBSD.

Maybe that was when trying to install both in the same slice?

Mine will be installed on separate hard disks. The only thing I could
think may possibly be an issue is the FreeBSD Boot Manager. The current
setup uses the FBSD BM to boot FBSD and Ubuntu on separate disks - it's
the Ubuntu disk that I will be zapping to install 7 - is there anything
to watch out for (apart from the obvious stupidity of selecting the
wrong disk to newfs ;-) )



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