telnet and rlogin problems

Grammas, August AG7554 at
Mon Mar 3 18:32:20 UTC 2008


 Rel: FreeBSD 6.2


 Summary: I am unable to get either 

                 telnet or rlogin to function


 Details: To several of my PCs, that had been running 4.11,

             I have installed release 6.2.


             To the rc.conf, which was used for 4.11, I added:










              To hosts.allow, I added:


                 rpcbind | ALL | allow


              To login.access, I added:




            I have looked in the handbook, Michael Lucas's

            2nd Ed Absolute FreeBSD and in both the NOTES

            files for configuring the kernel, and I still am un-

            able to either telnet or rlogin to the box.  I do not

            recall that I have made any changes to the kernel

            config file when going to 6.2 - I believe that I am

            using the same config file.


            It is my opinion that I am missing one or two

            specific incantations.  Can anyone out there

            shed some light on what I am missing to get

            these to work?


            Thank you.



                                      August Grammas

                                      august.grammas at


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