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Jeffery Swan scientist at engineer.com
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 Actually, I am using GPT.


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  Jeffery Swan wrote:

  > The problem is, df only reports back the original 905 Gig. It seems
  > the RAID controller did migrate my data but left the additional
  > "raw". What I need to know how to do now is extend my original
  > (slice) to include the newly added space without loosing data.

  You need to do three things in this order.

  i) update the disk partition table to match the new size of your
  composite drive. Essentially so long as your partition starts
  at the same place, you can move the partition end point to increase
  the size without massive breakage[*]. Use fdisk(8) to do this.

  ii) Update the partition table using bsdlabel(8). The same caveats
  apply about adding space at the end of a partition only.

  iii) Extend the UFS filesystem to fill up the newly available space.
  Use growfs(8) to do this.

  This is a job with a reasonably high risk of some mis-step destroying
  data, so make very sure you have good backups before you begin.



  [*] Ummm... assuming you're using the traditional partition / slice
  thing. If you're using gpt(8) then I'm not actually at all clear on
  how you would go about something like this.

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