So How Hard Is Moving From 6.3 To 7.0?

Derek Ragona derek at
Sun Mar 2 19:12:53 UTC 2008

At 05:25 AM 3/2/2008, Ezat - Ezatech wrote:

>    Would tend to agree.
>    I just lost a machines hdd so it's a good opportunity to build with
>    latest release but otherwise, i have still have a 6.0 box running
>    strong and executing tasks which it was built for.  No plans to
>    upgrade.
>    ezat
>    Bogdan Ćulibrk wrote:
>      ---= --BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----
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>      Tim Daneliuk wrote:
>      | I have a stable 6.3 production server.
>      I would stop right there. Question is why would you change
>      something
>      that simply works?
>      - --
>      Best regards,
>      Bogdan Culibrk

Why upgrade?  In my case it was that performance would be so much better 
under 7 than under 6.X.  It is inevitable that systems need to be upgraded 
as versions become EOL (end of life and no longer supported) or 
replaced.  In my case I run FreeBSD on servers which have a much longer 
life than client desktops or laptops.

For those that have been doing FreeBSD a while, as I have since 1.X.  Each 
upgrade has its problems.  It just takes some patience and ingenuity to 
work around them.  These mailing lists with the large community help a 
great deal.


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