7.0 and fsck question

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
Sun Mar 2 10:01:36 UTC 2008

Walker wrote:
> Today I lost power and my FreeBSD 7.0-R server came up with all
> partitions "not properly dismounted".  I was watching the fsck reports
> to syslog and noticed there wasn't one for the root partition.  Why is
> this?  No syslogd running at the point when fsck runs on /?

Two possibilities:

i) The root partition wasn't marked dirty at the time your system
crashed.  This seems unlikely to me unless you're doing things like
mounting root read-only.  

ii) The root partition is fsck'd somewhat earlier in the boot sequence
than other partitions. You'ld still see mention of it in the console
output. However it is the case that in the default system layout, there's
very little that would actually be writing to the root partition, and the
partition itself is pretty small, so even if the root does get fsck'd it
will be pretty quick and fairly painless.  Perhaps you simply missed
it in all the text scrolling up the screen?



Note: mounting root read-only is guru territory -- unless you understand
what stuff is going to break, why and how to get around all that, then
it's best not to even contemplate such things.

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