dependencies in portmaster

Vivian Liu liuweinan85 at
Sun Mar 2 09:32:49 UTC 2008

I upgrade installed packages automatically via Portupgrade every day.

But I don't like to attempt a rebuild of OpenOffice too :D

There is a good idea that doesn't rebuild OpenOffice.

You can do as this:

# mkdir /usr/ports/editors/

# chflags schg /usr/ports/editors/

Portupgrade will skip rebuilding OpenOffice against its will.

2008/3/2, perryh at <perryh at>:
> > If you truly are just looking at the dependency list and do not
> > wish to have make do anything, wouldn't this do the trick:
> >
> >
> Not quite, because it doesn't show which of the dependencies
> I have already got installed, and which of those would need
> to be updated.
> Secondly, I would have needed to know it existed :)
> > I guess you would need to have an up to date ports tree for this
> > to be accurate.
> Not a problem in this case.  The whole point is to find out what-all
> I would be stuck with building in order to build one particular port
> after updating the tree a few days ago.
> Why not just rebuild everything?  Because I'm not willing to attempt
> a rebuild of OpenOffice -- that was a collosal PITA the first time
> -- nor the xorg migration; I figure those are better accomplished by
> a clean install once the Mall's 7.0 CD set is ready.
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