to scsi or not to scsi

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Fri Jun 27 13:46:03 UTC 2008

I have a SCSI controller, two cd-rom drives and the external tape
streamer on my workstation. No SCSI harddisk anymore. A 18 or 36GB
harddisk is likely to be the SCSI-2 standard, this is the controller I have. 
In the past it was quite a speedy interface, but I guess even the older ATAs outperform it nowadays. 
The only thing what speaks for SCSI is up to 8 devices on one contoller
and the fact that the disks 'speak' directly to each other. In my case,
I can duplicate cd to cd without using much of the processors time.
Well, this is more of technical interest but practical use. In a server
it is a good thing if you have seperate ../mail and /tmp and /home
directories on different disks--SCSI will be fast then.
You can get the disks cheap, there cannot be much wrong. Just be aware
that most of the SCSI disks were used in servers, they really were running day and night, are just worn out and this is what you often find on fleabay. If I had a single-hd workstation I would rather go for ATA or SATA.

My 2c

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