cisco-sccp tcp port 2000 Asterisk on Freebsd

Michael Fleming mfleming at
Fri Jun 27 08:06:53 UTC 2008

Can anybody point me in the right direction to open TCP port                                                                 
2000 for cisco-sccp.                                                                                                         
I've installed Asterisk Ok but the phones can't make a                                                                       
connection on that port, plus trying to connect localhost has                                                                
the same affect "connection refused".                                                                                        
I know if I want a well known service then I'll comment /                                                                    
uncomment inetd.conf, but I'm a bit confussed about where or how                                                             
to just open TCP 2000 or for that matter any other port.                                                                     

Michael Fleming
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