usb mouse is detected by fbsd 7 but not X

Chip chip at
Fri Jun 27 04:49:45 UTC 2008

Paul Schmehl wrote:
> What version of FreeBSD are you running?  
> If 7.0 STABLE, you should probably csup source and rebuild kernel and 
> world.  I had a similar problem with the early release and it was 
> related to usb devices not being detected (which sounds like what your 
> problem is.)
> BTW, I don't have anything in /etc/rc.conf regarding a mouse.  If you 
> enable moused, you're overriding the default behavior of the usb mouse 
> and forcing it to behave according to your dictates.
> The mouse should work in Xorg without anything entered in /etc/rc.conf.
Yep, you're right. I commented out the lines regarding the mouse in the 
rc.conf and the mouse works fine in gnome.

> The first thing you should do is go to the console, unplug and then 
> replug the mouse.  You should see the mouse being disconnected and 
> then re-detected by messages written to console.  If you don't see 
> that, your usb mouse isn't being detected properly.
> Paul Schmehl
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