usb mouse is detected by fbsd 7 but not X

Chip chip at
Fri Jun 27 01:34:41 UTC 2008

I ran update.locatedb, twice, and ran locate xorg.conf and locate The only result was for xorg.conf found in 


Gonzalo Nemmi wrote:
> No ..
> Run a "locate xorg.conf" to see what "xorg.conf" file is beign used to run 
> gnome ..
> Check under /usr/local/etc/X11 to see if there's xorg.conf ..
> If you are running gnome .. _there_has_to_be_ a xorg.conf file somewhere ...
> Find that file a do your edits in there.
> And BTW .. the code I passed on to you, are just the sections regarding the 
> mouse and the serverlayout configuration part of the whole xorg.conf file .. 
> Your not gonna do much with it alone .. you still need the complete xorg.conf 
> file ..  

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