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> Have a look at this URL:
this was very interesting and thorough.
and thanks to everyone else who responded especially david and bill.
unfortunately, david, most of the links on that page you sent don't
work, but one of them did so that was helpful.

we have a chance to buy 18G scsi at $5 or 36G for $25.

what the seller isn't sure about is whether they will be compatible
with the particular server.

the server has a 36G seagate (ST336705LC) in it. the 18G are compaqs
(ultra 3 BD0186398C). do scsi's have any compatibility issues?

also, being older hardware, is there anything to be concerned about
regarding freebsd7. i know we've had problems getting 7 to boot and
install from the older cdroms (6.3 was easy), but the ide hds ran just
fine once 7 was installed.

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