to scsi or not to scsi

Derek Ragona derek at
Thu Jun 26 18:20:56 UTC 2008

At 11:25 AM 6/26/2008, prad wrote:
>i've heard scsi hard drives are really good.
>i've also seen at least one site which claims that ide easily
>outperform scsi.
>for the server we  got (dual P3 1GHz 2M which will use raid), is one
>preferable over the other? and what about sata?
>In friendship,

SCSI and now SAS drives are faster and generally have longer warranty.  But 
they tend to come in smaller capacity per drive.

The choice to spend more for SCSI or SAS depends on the amount of disk IO 
you expect.  Both SCSI and SAS are used for arrays more where you have a 
number of drives.  Usually these drives are in hot-swap enclosures.


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