to get cs working for now

Matthew Donovan kitche at
Tue Jun 24 19:00:42 UTC 2008

This will work for now but needs a bit of tweaking to work correctly on FreeBSD.

Copy /etc/termcap to ~/.termcap or /usr/local/etc/termcap so that you do not mess with the system termcap.Edit ~/.termcap or /usr/local/etc/termcap with any editor that you like. Find cons25 termcap information Add a slash on the last line so it looks like this at the end :\.

Then add a line that looks like this :cs=%d;%dr: at the end of the cons25 section.

Then you need to make it so TERMPATH has ~/.termcap or /usr/local/etc/termcap in the path I tend to do this  setenv TERMPATH ~/.termcap:/usr/local/etc/termcap:/etc/termcap.

Change setenv to whatever the shell your using uses for export. 

But this should get tmux and some other ports working for now they might be a bit messed up.

If any of the other people on this mailing list can actually get cs working correctly since I know that my way works but does not work like you would expect please inform myself since this is the first time I actually dived into a termcap file. 

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