Strange Out of disk space

Artem Kuchin matrix at
Tue Jun 24 07:53:30 UTC 2008

Nejc Škoberne ?????:
> Hey,
>>> My guess is that something has mmap-ed a HUGE chunk of
>>> disk space. If I reboot the space is freed.
>> Much more likely is that some program has deleted a large file, while 
>> still holding it open. Usual suspect is some kind of log file,
>> or temporary file.
> Then I just did "mdconfig -d -u /dev/md4" and everything is OK now:
> /dev/mirror/gm0s1f 112291390 46935874 56372206 45% /usr
> Hope that it maybe helps. :)
Unfortunatelly no, it does not. I don't have md at all, but reboot 
always solves the problem and i still have
no idea how to look at what's eating the disk space.


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