sergio lenzi lenzi at
Fri Jun 20 19:25:40 UTC 2008

> when i connected 56 cisco phones to my laptop (used 4*16 port switches 
> ;), and having all of them working (called from first to second, from third to 
> fourth etc..) there was below 4% CPU load but it's 1200Mhz Pentium-3M.

Yes... the cisco uses SIP, that is far more efficient...

the problem is the E1 boards... that all the processing of hdc and
is done by the main board processor... so the high irq rate....

We think FreeBSD is a good choice for VOIP asterisks... BEsides put us
(the company) in a higher
level.. not because Linux is bad, but because the linux people did not
made good servers in the past,
so, we decided to link our name (the company) to UNIX (BSD) it is a
stronger name...

With the famous rock solid  of FreeBSD, our customers are satisfyed
whith the performance
of the machine and the quality of the product....

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