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"Absolute BSD" is the 1st edition.
You'll want "Absolute FreeBSD",
which is the 2nd ed, and includes
material for FreeBSD Rel 6.X.

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| On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 06:35:26PM +0530, nerd fan wrote:
|> Hello Every body,
|> I am a FreeBSD newbie, want to get started with BSD and have fun.
|> Complete FreeBSD book. Interested in who uses FreeBSD and in what way
|> FreeBSD is better than Linux for servers.
|> Started having fun with FreeBSD 7.. Thanks for your responses.
|> ~ Sundar ~
| Two other handy FreeBSD books:
| BSD Hacks
| The Best of FreeBSD Basics
| both by Dru Lavigne

I would like to add the invaluable

Absolute BSD, by fellow Michael W. Lucas

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