Finding temperature on intel 82845g chipset

Peter Iota spaunskiva at
Fri Jun 20 13:18:20 UTC 2008

Hello, I have a dell gx260 with Pentium 4 processor and intel 82845g chipset on freebsd 7.0. If possible I would like to find out some
temperature sensor data.

What I have tried is:

sysctl hw.acpi  - but there is no support for hw.acpi.thermal so from what I understand  there is no thermal support with this.

mbmon complains that /dev/smb0 is not configured after I have loaded smbus smb (and ichsmb (I do not know if this really is correct since ichsmb man does not mention 82845 chipset))

ipmitool i get no /dev/ipmi0 but the ipmi module loads with no errors

from what I have heard on pcbsd forum trying to use linux emulation for lm-sensors would not give the right answers even if I got it to work (but I'm new to freebsd so it seems like a big project to get that working (I have upgraded linux compatibility to fc-6 but I do not know if I need the i2c-drivers, I also need to install some linux packages (but site is not available now so I cannot find out which it was).

also i installed some driver/library that was used with chm (I cannot remember now and I cannot find it when I look through pkg_info(perhaps if I could see the date packaged were installed)), anyhow that also complained that smb0 was not configured.

The dell manual mentions some ASF temperature alerts but I do not know if this is only for windows. Is it possible to do something with this in wine or is it the same as the linux thing mentioned above.

I'm sorry if I have overlooked something obvious, but I'm not that used to nor computers nor linux/unix to know what type of drivers I should search for.

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