/var full

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Thu Jun 19 12:04:38 UTC 2008

> Steve Bertrand writes:
>>  I am not in any which way certain changing major revision numbers
>>  will affect the file system in any which way. I am also not very
>>  knowledgeable in regards to inodes, but I do know that they can
>>  run out before disk space does.
> 	It is my understanding that is certainly possible.  However, it
> is usually limited to a small set of well-known cases of that
> generate many small files; the canonical example is a news server
> (e.g. inn) though a mail server (or the database back-end thereto)
> might also qualify.
>>  Off the top of my head, with no testing or researching behind me,
>>  what happens if:
>>  - stop mysqld
>>  - note perms of filesystem
>>  - cp -R /var/db /another/location/with/space
>>  - rm -r /var/db/*
>>  - fsck /dev/location-of-var
> 	Ahem - dismount partition before fsck, yes?

Well, of course as you please ;)

Thanks for pointing out my mis-step.


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