FreeBSD based web hosting?

Ryan Coleman ryan.coleman at
Thu Jun 19 01:21:23 UTC 2008 is my host, they do jailed for a good price -- depends on
traffic and space requirements -- and do colocation. We're paying $400/mo
for a machine we have full system access to, plus 24/7 tech for free and
nightly backups for up to 7 days for access, DB for 30.

They run fBSD 6.3 right now, I believe. Good company, small - owned by one
person - and very, very reliable.


> I'm looking for somebody to host some web sites for me.  Ideally I'd
> like a complete machine, but a jail would do too.  I can find plenty
> of Linux-based offerings, but the only one I can find with FreeBSD is
> in Germany and requires me to be resident in Germany.  Can anybody
> point me to one that I, as an Australian resident, can use?
> Feel free to reply to me personally and blow your own trumpet if you
> want.  Please also note that I'm not subscribed to these lists, so
> please don't reply only to the list.
> Greg
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Ryan Coleman
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