how to view environment variables

Oliver Fromme olli at
Mon Jun 16 16:22:17 UTC 2008

Chris Whitehouse wrote:
 > sysutils/fusefs-ntfs/files/README.FreeBSD refers to various environment 
 > variables, eg UBLIO_BLOCKSIZE and others. How do I find out what they 
 > are set to? set and printenv don't find them. I'm using standard csh and 
 >   FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE, fuse.ko is loaded and ntfs-3g works except it 
 > seems very slow.

The "env" command prints the environment variables of your
current shell (should work with any shell).

To view the environment variables of another process, use
something like "ps -ewwp 1234" (1234 being the PID number).
This requires PROCFS to be mounted on /proc.

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