Move data from 3ware RAID-1 disk to MB disk

Johan Hendriks Johan at
Mon Jun 16 12:20:46 UTC 2008


>I have FreeBSD 7.0 with 3ware 8006-2LP RAID-1 controller hosted at

>Now I want remove 3ware controller, and to stay with motherboard
>controller. Is it possible to do without data loss?
>I suggest to move one disk to motherboard controller, than boot via
>LAN to Linux rescue, and than do "dd" from 3ware to MB disk.
>Is it possible to do so or I will copy 3ware RAID table, and MB disk
>will not be bootable?

>Kind Regards

I freebsd detect the onboard controller and the drives on it, all you
need to do is to make sure /etc/fstab points to the right disks.

Now it probberly points to /dev/twe0s1* and so on if your onboard
controller uses ad then it needs to be changed to /dev/da0s1*

Make sure you have backups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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