internet slowdown

prad prad at
Mon Jun 16 07:19:12 UTC 2008

we have 2 freebsd7 servers using pf with static ip addresses through
our cable company (shaw cable) connecting our internal network to the
outside. the servers do websites, email and nameserve (bind94)

sometimes one or both become sluggish letting us connect to websites.
the ping times become 10+ times as long.
pinging the servers from the outside also slows down.

whenever we reboot the servers, everything is fine again for several
hours and then the speed starts fluctuating and then eventually
everything slows down again. (however the several hours is not certain
either because i just rebooted and everything slowed down after a few
minutes this time).

i tried /etc/netstart and that speeded things up for a few pings only.
doing a systat shows the cpu to be idle more than 90% of the time.
we are presently trying to figure out netstat.

we never experienced this issue with freebsd 6.3 which we ran for
several months. we've run freebsd7 since the beginning of june and this
problem seemed to start showing up within the first week.

i am not sure where to look in order to solve this problem -
specifically which log files might provide some clues regarding the net.

suggestions please?

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