mrtg peak on reboot / snmp-issue?

Josh Carroll josh.carroll at
Sun Jun 15 18:57:25 UTC 2008

Sorry the blackberry is truncating your original mail, but yes I have
noticed the same thing on my setup. In my case I am using a custom
rrdtool perl script. While not a fix for the actual problem, my
workaround has been to use a CDEF in my rrdgraph command to set the
value to 0 if it exceeds a sane maximum.

I'm not sure off hand if mrtg has a similar capability but you might
be able to set a max value for the graph so at least it won't skew the
graph and hide the rest of the data points.

Another option is to use a custom script to collect the values by
grabbing the data from snmp and then sanitizing them prior to
outputting to the value.


On 6/15/08, Olivier Mueller <om-lists-bsd at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Small but curious thing on my freebsd-based systems: when a
> server is rebooted, it generates a peak (or "spike"?) on the
> network mrtg for all interfaces (here just before 1 am):
> It happens with both net-snmp and ucd-snmp, with a quite standard
> mrtg installation (generated by cfgmaker).
> Do you have the same "issue" on your own servers?  All I can add, is
> that there is not such a high traffic after a reboot, and that it
> doesn't happen on similar linux-based systems.
> Regards & a nice week to you,
> Olivier
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