[Ports] How to find where a port is located?

Pascal S Clermont pascal at clermont.cc
Sat Jun 14 03:32:30 UTC 2008

Modulok wrote:
> On 6/13/08, Chris Hill <chris at monochrome.org> wrote:
>> On Fri, 13 Jun 2008, Gilles wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> Currently, to find where a software is located under /usr/ports/, I
>>> rune the "find" command. Is there a database that I could query
>>> instead so that it gives out the whole path to that the application?
> Have you looked into the whereis(1) command?
> -Modulok-
there is alot of differents ways to search for a port that you are 
looking for. My first suggestion would be to read this article from the 
freebsd handbook; 
Some people enjoy using some websites to do their searches since they 
value that more information can be used to search.
Here are some of the sites :

These are ones that come to me as I am writing this, they're are most 
likely several other websites that will give you some similar 
information such as these.

I would suggest that you refer to the handbook when you ask yourself 
questions concerning the operating system. The handbook is a great 
reference that I even use quite often myself when I am in doubt on a 
certain subject.

Pascal S. Clermont

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