Asus A7V-E and ACPI.

Christopher Sean Hilton chris at
Thu Jun 12 17:55:37 UTC 2008

I'm running a Fileserver on a now ancient Asus A7V-E box. Until last  
week this box ran FreeBSD 6.2 and it worked okay. Now it runs 7.0- 
STABLE. Before last night I had a pair of PCI Dec Tulip Nics in it.  
I've since replaced that with a Dual Intel Pro/100 (yes, 100, not 1000  
if you saw my other post). My problem is with ACPI.

When I boot the box with ACPI enabled it cannot allocate all the  
resources needed for both tulip nics.

When I boot the box without ACPI, it can allocate the resources to  
make everything work but I cannot reboot or shutdown the box.

I'd like some suggestions about how I can either tune the box so that  
the shutdown commands work right with ACPI enabled.

I'd accept some suggestions about how to get the box to properly  
allocate resources with ACPI disabled.

Currently the box works because I've reduced the resources by using a  
Dual Nic but if the time comes that I have to add some other resources  
I'd like to have some options.

-- Chris

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