generating random passwords

Jos Chrispijn jos at
Wed Jun 11 19:29:01 UTC 2008

Bill Campbell wrote:
> I much prefer apg which can generate more-or-less pronounceable
> passwords which it is possible to remember (at least after typing
> them a few times :-).
This is not supposed to be an offense to any author of a password 
generator, but:
Never, but never trust any random password generator. You do not know 
the author, you do not know the algoritm it uses and in worst case 
scenarion you do not know if there is a millisecond traffic to somewhere 
that is recording the generated password.
> One of the biggest problems with random passwords is that they
> end up written on yellow-stickies on the monitor or under the
> keyboard.
You don't need a generated password for that; it is common behaviour for 
people that aren't involved in any responsibility whatsoever.


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