Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Wed Jun 11 19:28:10 UTC 2008

eculp writes:

>  I've got a question.  A friend has been loaning me his old laptop
>  at work that runs Ubuntu and flash runs fine.  I have not been
>  able to make it fail, yet at least. Could there be a clue in
>  Ubuntu somewhare?  I'm actually thinking of running it under
>  kqemu, if there isn't too much overhead, on my amd64 laptop until
>  this gets sorted out.

	The "Flashplugin"s in the ports collection are the Linux
versions, which require both a) an interface between the plugin and
the browser and b) the Linux emulation layer.
	My last information about Flash9, gleaned from various FreeBSD
mailing lists: the problem is thought to be _somewhere_ between the
plugin and the emulation layer.  This is roughly equivalent to
saying there is a mouse somewhere in <inesrt your continent here>.
	The current set of permanent pest control experts (the Linux
emulation crew) has considered the matter and decided this is not
worth the time.  As of the time I heard about it, this was in part
because a) Flash9 had tangible problems under Linux and b) even if
they knew what was broken in the plugin the track record of Adobe
being willing to fix it was poor.  (Volunteers for a special mission
should apply on the emulation@ list.)
	Don't get me wrong - I'd love to have a working Flash<current>
even under emulation.  But after _years_ of having hopes raised and
dashed I'm pretty much waiting for Flash10 which is supposed to have
an open spec API (ABI??).

				Robert Huff


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