Question about torrents via console

Andrew Berry andrewberry at
Wed Jun 11 18:37:15 UTC 2008

Steve Lake wrote:
>         Hi all.  Ok, I'm curious of something.  I've done torrents 
> before via the graphical interface before, but I want to setup a way 
> to download isos and various FOSS apps via bittorrent, but I want to 
> do it via the console so I can start a torrent in screen and then walk 
> away, allowing my server to finish the work without having to leave my 
> main workstation running to do the work like I normally do.  I'm using 
> bittornado right now, and if there's a way to do this, I'd love to 
> know how. 
At least on Debian, the bittornado port includes the curses interface. 
It was called 'btdownload.curses' I think. It's possible it is all ready 
installed or is available via ports.

Another possibility is to run a GUI client in a VNC session. I do this 
with Azureus and am quite pleased with it.


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