FreeBSD-like linux distro?

Andrew Berry andrewberry at
Wed Jun 11 17:33:36 UTC 2008

Heikki Suonsivu wrote:
> The computer I am doing this is not old, it is otherwise brand new, 
> but it uses an embedded cpu, a 486 clone as SoC without math.  See 
>, eBOX 2300SX.  It is very low cost, runs on about 
> 3W of power with CF card as mass memory, 128M, 3 USB2, serials, sound, 
> etc, it has VESA form factor so you can attach it behind many LCD 
> displays, etc. They have beefier models, but this one is cheapest and 
> uses least power, latter of which is the more critical requirement for 
> us. 
That's a neat system. Are there any retailers in North America which 
sell them individually?


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