libcdio upgrade problems

Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum bg271828 at
Wed Jun 11 13:34:24 UTC 2008

>Im trying to upgrade some ports, and have a problem with libcdio.
 least i
>think i do. 
>When i try to upgrade, say, Nautilus (or a buncha other things), it
 dies in 
>end with a "libcdio-0.78.2_2 is already installed. You may wish to
>etc. message.
>But i did go to /usr/ports/sysytils/libcdio and make deinstall and
>and this was successful. I sync'd the ports collection again, but
>in UPDATING about this.
I've run into similar experiences with other ports, and what I have
to get it to work is to deinstall the complaining port (in this
libcdio), and let the original port install it as a dependency instead 
of doing a "make reinstall".


Im afraid this didnt work either--whether libcdio is installed or not
(and installing it seems to work fine), any other port that
requires it tells me that it is installed and need to be
make deinstalled and make reinstalled. Yet this doesnt work.

Is there any other brute-force way to get around this? This
is getting difficult.

Thanks again, everyone.



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