system needing fsck at reboot, manual intervention necessary

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Wed Jun 11 08:49:47 UTC 2008


On Wed, 11 Jun 2008, Michael Grant wrote:

> One of my freebsd 6.3 boxes is crashing and when it reboots, it comes
> up in single user mode.  Unfortunately, it's a remote box and I don't
> have access to a history of the console and there's nothing in
> /var/log/messages.  I think it's a hardware problem, or at least it
> seems to be.  It's as if it's a bad power supply.
> Anyway, what I'd like to know, where is the fsck that is done at
> reboot such that I can modify it to do an fsck -y?  Some people will
> argue this is dangerous, but I'm not sure what else one would do.  The
> goal is to make it reboot without intervention.
> Michael Grant
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