OT: lots of IPv6 DNS requests

Jon Radel jon at radel.com
Tue Jun 10 23:01:49 UTC 2008

Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>>>> dns.tensor.gdynia.pl.   10800   IN      AAAA    2001:4070:101::1
>>>> or
>>>> dns2.tensor.gdynia.pl.  10732   IN      AAAA    2001:4070:101:1::2
>>> no it is not! that's why i'm asking.
>> Oh, for heaven's sake.  We all know you like to shoot off your mouth. 
>> Now go back to my mail and read it ALL THE WAY THROUGH BEFORE YOU 
> so maybe you should explain clearer because i do read what you write.
> my computer isn't 2001:4070:101::1 nor 2001:4070:101:1::2

Understood; I already answered that question in the negative in my 
original e-mail in the part you trimmed out.

Your computer is at 2001:4070:101:2::1, just like I said.

As a bonus I told you which parent to your DNS zone is handing out a 
glue record for which nameserver with that address in it.

Get in touch with the people who run that nameserver and ask them, 
pretty please, to make the delegation records for your zone look just 
like the records at the other parent nameservers.

Really, go read my entire original message.  All the way to the end. 
Actually look at all the IP addresses.  Particularly the one from my log 
messages which I remark on with a "Hmmm...different IP address."

Also realize, please, given your track record of telling people that 
what they're saying on this list is "nonsense" and "just marketing hype" 
and on and on, it really is rather strange for you to expect somebody to 
answer your beginner-level questions in nice, easy, beginner-level 
steps.  Mind, I have no problem with your asking the question.  Lord 
knows that I come up with some dumb questions of my own sometimes.  But 
you do set yourself up as the all knowing expert on just about 
everything, so don't be surprised if people expect you to have some clue 
about what you're doing and capable of figuring out what dig output with 
the bad records in it means.

Nameservers are hitting an address of yours.  Therefore something is 
probably handing out your address.  Somebody (that would be me) has 
looked up the address in question and even looked up the nameserver 
which is handing out that address in a glue record.  All you do is get 
petulant about how the answer to what turns out to be a rhetorical 
question is, "no."  D'oh; which I certainly hope translates properly.

--Jon Radel
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