viewing vCalendar files

Andrew Berry andrewberry at
Tue Jun 10 20:27:51 UTC 2008

On 10-Jun-08, at 1:47 PM, Chad Perrin wrote:

> I've been sent a vCalendar file via email.  I use mutt as my mail user
> agent, and am not terribly interested in switching to mail/claws-mail
> just so I can read this vCalendar file (generated in MS Outlook).
> Is there some command line tool that will create a readable text file
> from this, a Mutt extension that can handle it, or anything along  
> those
> lines, in Ports?  What are my options, besides just deleting all the
> vCalendar markup cruft by hand (or writing a script to do it for me)?

If you just need to read it, then open it up in a text editor.  
vCalendar / iCalendar markup is pretty simple. Virtually any  
calendaring app should be able to read the file, including Mozilla  
Sunbird, Evolution, Kontact, and so on. There are also web calendars  
such as Webcalendar in ports, or you could just use Google Calendar.

If the sender is expecting a vCal file back to confirm / deny the  
appointment, then you'll need to make sure that you send back a valid  


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