Problems opening mail on this list

Andrew Berry andrewberry at
Tue Jun 10 15:50:05 UTC 2008

On 10-Jun-08, at 11:37 AM, Bob McConnell wrote:

> I have gotten several messages on this list from an Andrew Barry which
> Lookout cannot open. The error message is "Can't open this item. Your
> Digital ID name can not be found by the underlying security system."  
> Can
> anyone tell me what is causing this?

I typically sign my messages with S/Mime:

It means that not only can my message be verified by nearly every  
client, but messages can be easily encrypted to me as well (since the  
public key is included in the signature). Usually this works fine with  
Mailman and other mailing lists; the worst I've seen is that  
Sourceforge will mangle the text adding their advertisement,  
invalidating the signature. Other software tends to add footers as a  
separate MIME part.

Looking in the source of one of my previous messages, I see that the  
following header is set, but that the corresponding signature  
attachment has been stripped:

Content-Type: multipart/signed; boundary=Apple-Mail-117-728128490;  

Perhaps your mail client is picking up on this header and  
misinterpreting it? What mail client are you using?


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