what ype of app? port of "*free*"-service app?

Bob McConnell rvm at CBORD.com
Tue Jun 10 12:09:07 UTC 2008

On Behalf Of Gary Kline:
> This is a bit hard to figure out how  to phrase, so please bear
> with me.  I want to put-back a BBS/forum type app somewhere on my
> site so that members of my writing group can continue to help me
> with their suggestions and edits of my Jottings project.  Some 
> people are taking a break for the summer, &c.
> I've had PHPBB up a few times, and lost it as many times for
> different reasons.  It takes about an hour to set up one of these
> ``forum'' applications; I don't know about the others.  
> Does anyone have a best-win/solution as to which port/package to
> use?   Or would it be just as good to go with a canned
> (javascript or other) app?
> Again: the nutshell is to allow my fellow writers to comment-on,
> edit, suggest, critique, flame, whatever, my jotting meditation.
> [for now, the URL would not be published.]

Have you looked at any wiki software? I have Dokuwiki running on an
Apache server here at the office as an idea and collaboration incubator.
There were over 1100 pages created on it the first year. It's all
written in PHP and was quite simple to set up. You can get it at

Bob McConnell

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