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Tue Jun 10 04:10:26 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 5:40 AM, Randy Pratt <bsd-unix at> wrote:

> On Sun, 8 Jun 2008 22:22:24 -0500
> Novembre <novembre at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Is there any way to answer the posts in the mailing lists if one is not
> > subscribed to the list and does not receive them in his mailbox? From
> time
> > to time, I see posts which I can actually answer and contribute to, but
> > since I'm not subscribed to the lists, even if I post an answer to the
> > person asking the question and CC it to the list, it doesn't regroup with
> > other posts on the same topic. Is there any way around this?
> If you are reading the mailing lists via the FreeBSD website
> (
> you can use the "Raw E-Mail" link of a posting to fetch a
> copy and incorporate it into your mail client.
> Two common mail formats are pine mail (one file per folder),
> and MH mail (one file per message).  I use Sylpheed which uses
> MH mail format so its quite easy.  I created a folder called
> "Mail/web-list" and fetch the mail directly to it.  The trick
> is to use the next numerical message number, in this example
> "114":
>  cd ~/Mail/web-list
>  fetch -R -o 114 '
> '
> It is then possible to just use Sylpheed normally and click
> on "Reply to All".  The mail will be properly threaded for
> the mailing lists.
> I've not used the "one file per folder" type of mail client
> in a very long time but I would think that just appending
> the new mail to the end would suffice.
> You will need to investigate how your particular mail client
> operates and what format it uses, but what you want to do
> is possible.  I would recommend backing up your mail before
> experimenting and using the test mailing list
> (freebsd-test at
> HTH,
> Randy
> --

The problem is that I don't use any mail client, but the old fashion way of
using a web browser to log into my account and read my emails. That's why I
asked this question in the first place. Call me paranoid, but I just feel
more comfortable that way!
So to be more specific, how can I answer to a post from a mailing list from
within my, e.g., GMail or Yahoo! mailboxes? Is there any way to use the Raw
E-Mail output to send an email from within GMail to the OP and the list so
that it's threaded properly as well?

I will remember your instructions whenever I started using a mail client.
Maybe I should do it anyway --- how is Claw Mail?

Thanks a lot :)

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