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On Sat, Jun 07, 2008 at 07:38:38AM -0700, erpa1119 wrote:
> I am completely new to linux and need help with wireless connectivity. 
> I have installed freebsd 6.3-RELEASE 

Technically, FreeBSD is not Linux.  The Unix family tree looks something
like the following (greatly simplified):

         Bell Labs Unix
       |              |
    BSD Unix      SysV Unix
       |              |
       |              |
     FreeBSD       Solaris       Linux

Linux is way over to the right by itself because it doesn't really have
any "genetic" relation to the others.  FreeBSD doesn't share any original
"genetic" material with the SysV line, either, but that's basically
because it "evolved" to that point -- whereas Linux was created from
scratch to emulate (mostly SysV) Unix functionality.  There's a lot in
common between most Linux distributions and most FreeBSD installs, but
that's in large part because of the plethora of open source applications
that can be installed on both, and because the two are both tied to a
sort of Unix "tradition" of OS design.  It's not so much because of any
actual family relation, per se.

Sorry if this seems somewhat off the topic of what you're asking.  I'm
just trying to be informative.  A better way to phrase your original
sentence would have been something like "I am completely new to Unix-like
systems and need help with wireless connectivity."

> I have a toshiba satellite 1005-s157 with a dlink gs630 pcmcia card 
> and a linksys wr54g wireless router. 
> ifconfig shows status: associated but I cannot ping anything other 
> than the static IP address that I gave to the wireless card. 
> The card is known working, the AP is known working. 
> I do not have DHCP running on the AP and simply assign IP's to all of 
> my boxes when I first bring them online. 
> topology: 
> wall-->bellsouth router-->linksys AP 
> linksys has a static IP of 
> bellsouth router has a static IP of 
> I have added a default route by running the following. 
> route add default 

Is the Linksys access point a router?  Is it running NAT?  Your FreeBSD
system might effectively be tucked away in a subnet, which could possibly
account for (some of?) your problems.

> I also ran this 
> ifconfig ath0 ssid "MYAPNAMEHERE" wepmode on weptxkey "MYPASSPHRASE" 
> ifconfig ath0 list scan shows the AP that I am trying to connect 
> through and shows CAPS of EP only. 
> The Question is: 
> How am I associated with the AP but cannot ping anything other than 
> localhost, and the static IP address that I gave the card? 

Does this mean you can't ping the Linksys access point?  Is the access
point configured to ignore pings?

> All pings except to localhost or 127 or my static ip result in a host 
> down message 
> contents of /etc/resolv.conf 
> search . 
> nameserver 205.xxx.xxx.xxx 
> nameserver 205.xxx.xxx.xxx 
> nameserver 205.xxx.xxx.xxx

You probably don't need three copies of the same line -- or are those
three different IP addresses that you've Xed out?  Is the period after
"search" what's actually in the file, or did you elide some of the
contents of that line?

Sorry if I'm not as useful as I should be -- I still haven't fully woken
up, and may miss something obvious.

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