Help with default route

Svein Halvor Halvorsen svein.h at
Sun Jun 8 14:28:06 UTC 2008


I usually use the wired network at home, in which everything gets
configured automatically as soon as I attach the cable to my network

However, when using the wireless network, I need to run

 # route add default -iface ipw0

This will give me a route to the gateway (, and I can ping
the gateway, as well as other machines on our local network. But if
I try to connect to anything outside of 10/24, I get a "no route to
host" error. If I manually add a route, with

 # route add x.y.z.t

I can connect to that host. If I change my default route to anything
but "-iface ipw0" I cannot connect to the gateway ( I
cannot keep adding routes to all hosts I need to connect to.

I've solved the problem for web usage, by running a proxy on another
machine on the local network (that's reachable)

What am I doing wrong?
I don't think I have a thorough understanding of network routes.

	Svein Halvor

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