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> Well...
> Here I am in a project of notebooks for schools
> machines with 13" 120gb  of disk turion 64...
> All of them running FreeBSD 7.0  it is about 7000 notebooks
> in the first year...
> With a total of 35000 notebooks in 3 years... and counting...
> may be a total of 100,000 notebooks in 5 years...
> Because of special taxes applied in the notebooks,
> the user must use FreeBSD or Linux.  If the user formats
> the computer and install other non open source OS,
> the user must pay the taxes difference to the project...
> a value of about US$200. and will not be able to access
> the university data.
> Well.. about the flashplugin...  it is a problem... for sure...
> they work with flashplugin 7....
> The wireless is a problem too, for that we choose intel or atheros
> chip...
> Tell the flashplugin team about... please
> Sergio
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There are some numbers,
7,000 now and 30,000 in 3 yrs from one school
14,692 pcbsd
6,320 reported freebsd
about almost 30,000 bsd desktops reported, im sure there are alot of people 
who do not report their stats,  but id imagine we got alot more then 30,000 
bsd desktop users. Theyd probably use an intern to do most of the work, and 
we all know interns are unpaid, they earn knowledge and experience. Throw 
their butts on coding a BSD Flashplayer version. I am sure if you throw in a 
few pizzas everyday, some trashy sluts, and a lot of caffiene they could work 
them around the clock and have something working in a couple months. Motivate 
them with food, girls and hope :)

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