New Kernel with Dell PE2950

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Hi guys

I am going to install a Web Server (apache+mysql+php) at my work place.
boost performance, I am just thinking that should I configure and
FreeBSD KERNEL for this hardware? And if so, what paramters I should
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Server's hardware configuration is as follow:
 2  x  Quad Core Xeon E5450 3.0GHz,2x6MB,1333FSB
16GB (8x2GB Dual Rank DIMMs) 667MHz FBD
 6  x  450GB SAS 15k 3.5" HD Hot Plug
 PERC 6/i, Integrated Controller Card x6 backplane
 PE2950 III C5 MSS R10 Add-in PERC 5/i / 6/i 1 S
 TCP/IP Offload Engine 2P
 Broadcom TCP/IP Offload Engine functionality (TOE) Not Enabled

Thank you guys.

BR / vj

You should start by using some sort of benchmark or traffic generator
and trying to overload the server by reproducing your environment.
This way you will see exactly what parameters needs tuning.

Bottleneck can come from many things....IO, NIC, database and so on.
It is not like you will apply some universal tuning that it will solve
all future issues.

BTW....bce/bge drivers has known issues that leads to 'watchdog timeout'
NIC reset.
I have same some 6-8 servers with your hardware configuration and we
have ordered them with Intel Gigabit cards especially to avoid above
Use bce/bge NICs for low traffic interfaces if possible.

Is there any reason why GENERIC/SMP kernel does not suits you well?
What is your traffic expectation for the server?

Best Regards
Catalin Miclaus
Network/Security ISP-Data
Starcomms Ltd.

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