Storing a copy of queued mail?

Jerahmy Pocott quakenet1 at
Wed Jun 4 09:31:02 UTC 2008


I have a 6.3 system running as a mail server, offering imap, pop3 and  
smtp. The smtp server can be used from anywhere because all users are  
required to authenticate with SMTP AUTH and it supports TLS. This is  
using sendmail 8.14.2.

What I would like to do is have any mail submitted to the SMTP server  
to get automatically stored into an imap mailbox (I'm using mbox  
format currently) for that user, preferably based on the username they  
supplied to authenticate, but it could also be by the 'mail from:'  
field. Previously I have been configuring the users mail clients to do  
this, but they have proven completely unreliable and of course they  
may use different clients at different locations etc. Obviously having  
the server do this is still not 100% reliable, since they could still  
possibly use a different SMTP server, but I'm not going to worry about  
that currently as it's unlikely to happen often.

It's sort of an unusual thing to have the MTA do, so I'v not been able  
to find anything about how I can get this to happen.. I thought maybe  
there might be a way to get the sent mail to be processed through  
procmail or something first.. Any thoughts on the best way to make  
this happen?


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