any news? 3945 ABG driver!

Vince Hoffman jhary at
Wed Jun 4 08:28:32 UTC 2008

Long Story wrote:
> Hi Vince!
>   The (rtfm) advice it might exist in 7.0R which I didnot install or upgrade to Yet,
>    Im using PC-BSD which is 6.3-R
>   and I think i need to do the driver manualy, any info ?
>   or i _have_ to go for 7.0-R for this driver to work ?

As its not in 6.3 (sorry didnt think to check if it was before
answering,) you could give it a go manually. is the maintainers website for it but
as its down at the moment, I'm not sure what the status of it on 6.x

In 7.x its in the distro though.


>   Thanks.
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