Sound skipping problem; Asus A8V-X w/ VIA VT8251/8237A on-board HDA (sound)

wa4geg at wa4geg at
Sun Jun 1 21:08:52 UTC 2008

>> Help, I've googled my fingers off up to the elbow and no luck:o)
>> Sound works but skips or has gaps at about 1 second intervals.
>> I'm running a fresh install of FreeBSD 7.0 Release (AMD64.)
>> /boot/loader.conf contains:
> >snd_hda_load="YES"
>You might want to play with some hw.snd sysctls, especially;
> hw.snd.latency_profile (set to zero)
>hw.snd.latency (set to lower value)
>hw.snd.feeder_buffersize (increase)


Thanks for the suggestion Roland. Sound is still ticking/clicking
after adding the following sysctl.conf entries (and rebooting of 


And additional info; after changing hw.snd.maxautovchans from 2 to 0
just to see if it had any effect on the skips and clicks:

$ sysctl -a | grep snd
hw.snd.latency_profile: 0
hw.snd.latency: 0
hw.snd.report_soft_formats: 1
hw.snd.compat_linux_mmap: 0
hw.snd.feeder_buffersize: 16384
hw.snd.feeder_rate_round: 25
hw.snd.feeder_rate_max: 2016000
hw.snd.feeder_rate_min: 1
hw.snd.verbose: 1
hw.snd.maxautovchans: 0
hw.snd.default_unit: 0
hw.snd.version: 2007061600/amd64
hw.snd.default_auto: 0

$ sysctl -a | grep pcm
dev.pcm.0.%desc: VIA VT8251/8237A High Definition Audio Controller
dev.pcm.0.%driver: pcm
dev.pcm.0.%location: slot=1 function=0 handle=\_SB_.PCI0.P0P7.AZAL
dev.pcm.0.%pnpinfo: vendor=0x1106 device=0x3288 subvendor=0x1043 
subdevice=0x818f class=0x040300
dev.pcm.0.%parent: pci2 0
dev.pcm.0.rec.vchans: 0
dev.pcm.0.buffersize: 16384
dev.pcm.0.polling: 0
dev.pcm.0.polling_interval: 250

Byron C

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