gdm + xdmcp

Daniel Iliev daniel.iliev at
Fri Feb 29 23:38:56 UTC 2008

Hi, people

I installed FreeBSD using the "7.0-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso" CD image.
After I installed Gnome (pkg_add -r gnome2), I was able to start it on
the FreeBSD and show it on my GNU/Linux workstation like this:

1) (Xnest :1 &) ; terminal --display=:1
2) in the "Xnested" terminal:
ssh -Y gnome-session &

Next I started gdmsetup on the FreeBSD system and enabled "Remote
Login" (XDMCP). It was followed by a "gdm-restart". No error messages,
everything seems fine, but I can not connect to the FreeBSD box issuing
"Xnest -query :2" from the workstation.

The above steps are usually enough to get XDMCP working between
GNU/Linux hosts. Actually the reverse scenario works just fine - I
was able to get my GNU/Linux Gnome showing on the FreeBSD system via
XDMCP. The two hosts are on the same HUB and in the same /24 private

What am I missing in the FreeBSD setup?


/* off-topic
I'm new to the *BSD world and it's my first message to this list.
So, I'd like to ask if there are any special rules here that I should
know about? Would "no html, no thread-hijacking, no top-posting" be
enough to avoid offending the more sensitive folks on the list when it
comes to correct e-mail formatting?

Best regards,

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