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Fri Feb 29 19:04:26 UTC 2008

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Vinny wrote:
> Gary Kline wrote:
> [snip]
>>     I'd like help getting python to read from a file and display a
>>     steram of text on a textcanvas. I'll fiure out the buttons later. 
>>     I'd appreciate any insights about regular gtk and guile-gtk.  Or
>>     whichever GUI libraries have the best python interface.
> Hi Gary,
> I'm a big fan of wxPython, i.e. wxWidgets for python.  Way
> cool and works on Windows as well (very cross-platform).

Everyone's got their favorite.  I like gtk, which has exactly the same
features you claim (works on same platforms) but really, the one that's
best integrated is the Tkinter, which was the first one that came with
Python, and runs on everything bigger than a cellphone.  It's not my
favorite myself, but if we're going to be really honest, it's really
probably the best one to recommend to folks.

> Vinny
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