Scripting sysinstall

Andrew Von Cid andrew at
Fri Feb 29 13:28:56 UTC 2008

Hi Jeff,

> I'm having problems with sysinstall used from a script.  (Before you
> ask, yes I've read the man page and yes I know sysinstall is "greatly
> in need of death" but I've not yet found a plausible alternative.  I'm
> all ears if you've got one to suggest.)  

I had a lot of drama trying to get a similar thing working with
sysinstall a while ago and never got it the way I wanted.  Have you
considered partitioning the disk manually with fdisk & bsdlabel and
installing the freebsd distributions using the scripts
provided on the freebsd install cd's (e.g. DESTDIR=/mnt ./
I think this would be easier to script in sh rather than fight with

I've read an article[1] that tells you how to install freebsd on a usb
stick using this technique, and I don't see a reason why this cannot be
done with a normal disk.

Hope this helps,


accidents happen... 

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