gmirror + glabel + gjournal and 7.0 installation

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Fri Feb 29 11:54:54 UTC 2008

HN wrote:

> Not entirely clear in my mind how to do this. I've got:
> for the mirroring, but don't have a grasp of how glabel and gjournal
> fit into this.
> Can I do this with sysinstall (should I ?) and what order should I be
> adding things in ? Can I switch the journalling on and off after it's
> been set up ? Any thing I should look out for ?

Sysinstall can't do that. You could do the install manually from the
fixit command line environment (meaning: set up the devices, RAID, boot
loader, base system, etc.), or maybe semi-manually, by specifying file
systems and devices you created to sysinstall and then letting
sysinstall proceed, but I think this would be *more* error prone than not.

Once you have a system running on a single drive, it's almost trivial to
mirror it. I'd recommend you don't use gjournal for all file systems but
only for some, like /home, /srv or /usr/local. This way, you can install
a "normal" system, boot into the newly installed system, set up gjournal
and file systems on gjournaled devices, and then mirror the whole thing
to another drive as usual.

I'd recommend you use UFS labels with glabels, in which case it's also
almost trivial - add "-L mylabel" argument to the newfs command line.
You could run into a problem here - mirrored drives will have mirrored
labels and I don't know if it would be possible to choose or distinguish
between the labels on the original drives, the labels on the gmirror
device and the labels on the gjournaled device. If you get this kind of
problems, ask on freebsd-geom@ mailing list for further directions.

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