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> To clarify,
> Centra is a Windows based conferencing software package that uses
> a Virtual
> Java machine (client} to provide VoIP, Video, White board and tools.
> It is used in my context as a teaching medium.  The school my
> children attend
> ( Distance Education Tasmania) use it extensively for class and
> face to face
> learning for there remote and distance students.
> There are 2 versions of the client software Win32 and Mac.
> I have tried running the Win32 under Wine but the Java VM bombs
> out as there
> are specific WinFunctions Unix JRE cant handle.
> Using the Mac OS client Under Free BSD 6.2S may be the answer.  But how?

I'm sorry, it's not possible.  There's no emulator for MacOS X
under FreeBSD or any of the BSD's for that matter.  MacOS X
may be partly built on FreeBSD but partly isn't good enough.

However, according to the Saba Centra website, at least 2 years
ago they announced they would be offering a Linux client:

"...Saba also plans to enable users to participate in live sessions on
mobile devices and support, in the same session, users attending on multiple
platform clients, including iPods and PCs running on Mac or Linux operating

So I should think by now they would have something.  You need to
go back to your school's administrator and tell him to quit blowing you
off and assuming that there is only a Mac and Windows client -
get him to call Saba Centra tech support if he's that ignorant
about the products he's supposedly administering.  Likely you
could run the Linux version under the FreeBSD Linuxulator.

You also might consider buying a used Mac.  You can get a
used slot-loading iMac with DVD reader for about $100, and you
can still buy Tiger for PowerPC direct from Apple for about $130.
You just need to add ram, and flash BIOS to the correct
version, then boot off the Tiger install DVD and off you go.


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