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> > With dyndns he won't be able to deliver to many mailservers out there.
> > while not RFC-mandatory, a static IP address and rDNS are a must now
> > in most cases.
> rDNS is a must? strange but i don't have this in lot of places, and 2 
> places with dyndns-like solution (exactly like but done by my 
> other machine) - both works without problems.
> you are definitely not right.

No, he IS right.  The issue is that while the mail RFC's
don't require rDNS, there are a -few- rather stupid
anti-spam filters out there that do.

As long as you (or one of your users) is not e-mailing to
someone on one of these mailservers your fine.

But if you are, your screwed.  We often get this kind of
complaint call from customers who have setup this kind of
deal and -1- person in their organization has -1- coorespondent
they keep getting their mail rejected from.  When we tell
them they have to pay their ISP more money for a static IP address,
whether they do it or not is usually dependent on how
important the particular employee is, who is being screwed


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